11 March 2009

Tocca Brigitte Solid Perfume

My love of the Tocca scent Montcristo is well documented; the only problem being that while I love the scent for a candle, I wouldn't want to walk around smelling like it. However, Tocca's newest scent, Brigitte, is definitely something I would wear. "Inspired by the playful and sensual beauty of French film siren Brigitte Bardot, Tocca's Brigitte fragrance evokes the intoxicating scent of a stroll through the spice markets of Provence. Under the blue skies of the Cote d'Azur, rich notes of saffron, ginger and papaya mingle with the delicate perfume of Moroccan rose wafting from petal-filled baskets. Sultry and soft sandalwood and musk linger in the air." The Brigitte Eau de Parfum has done so well that they've added it as a solid perfume. Ideal for travel, the perfume is packaged in a gold decorated compact and has a gold, shimmery finish. I've been applying it to my hair and I love the whiff of it I get as I go about my day. I may not be Brigitte Bardot, but with this sexy scent I can feel like her.

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