18 March 2009

Beauty In, Toxins Out

Last month MD Skincare launched their Beauty In Toxins Out Natural Beauty Collection. "The full line is a revolutionary approach in body treatment and revitalization. The collection will successfully reverse damage our skin suffers from exposure to environmental pollutants. This is accomplished through a daily showering, bathing and moisturizing experience. Achieve results on a whole new level with high concentrations of botanical extracts, essential oils, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals along with a proprietary blend of detoxifying chelators."

I love that the line is all natural, and the Detox Duo left my skin hydrated and silky, but there was nothing amazing about this line that you can't find elsewhere for less. Ultimately, I'd buy it if it was on sale, but otherwise I'll stick to my Mountain Glow body exfoliator.

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