18 March 2009

Return to Origins Program

Origins is introducing a recycling program the end of the month and I hope it's a great success! Truth be told, I never recycle my cosmetic products--I don't even think about it, but I'm definitely going to start now.

-Everyday packaging accounts for approximately 1/3 of all landfill waste.
-Most community recyclers only take items made from materials that are easily recognized - such as soda and water bottles.
-Cosmetic and toiletry bottles, tubes, caps and jars among those items not easily recognized and therefore not often recycled.

"Starting March 29, 2009, bring your empty cosmetic tubes, bottles and jars, etc. - regardless of brand - to your nearest Origins retail store or department store counter nationwide [excludes Nordstrom]. All returned packaging will be sent back to a central location where products will be recycled or used for energy recovery. In an industry first, Origins will accept packaging from any cosmetic company regardless of the manufacturer. We believe that the more we collect from consumers, the more we can keep cosmetic packaging out of landfills. And we hope this program will encourage other companies into following our example. To thank you for joining us in our commitment to the environment, we’ll treat you to a FREE deluxe sample of your choice of one of Origins high-performance skincare products."

If you live in Los Angeles or New York so may want to visit their Recycling Event on April 2nd. Click here for more details.

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