31 March 2009

Lash Injection Rejection

The Product: Too Faced Lash Injection

The Claim: This exclusive, 3D formula actually builds tubes around each lash. This " Lash Injection " has unique elastic polymers that curl, fatten, and stretch far beyond the natural lash. This adds extreme volume, curl and length for that costly lash extension look without any of the hassle, pain or commitment. You will no longer see clumps and lumps - but long, gorgeous, fluttering, new and improved eyelashes.

The Results: I tried the mini tube of this product and I was expecting major volume with this mascara, a la DiorShow mascara, but it was just awful. It seemed like it was too dry to coat my lashes, as if it had been opened months ago. The mascara was clumpy and hard to apply, and it flaked off during the day, which is hard to believe because it didn't even look like I had any mascara on at all. This truly might be the worst mascara I've ever used...

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