13 January 2010

Trend vs Style

I recently read something to the effect of: Trends are fun for a short time, but Style is forever. Trends go in and out of fashion constantly, but true style is timeless. Take, for instance, Grace Kelly. Fifty years later and she's still fashionable and current. This really made me think about all the time, money, and energy I spend on current trends in both fashion and beauty. As I get older and am more comfortable with myself I notice I care less and less about what's "In".

To make a long story short, I'm going to be branching out on the focus of my blog. Yes, purple eyeshadow is fun every once in a while, but finding what works for me and sticking with it is more important to me now. All the make-up in the world is no match for the inner glow of someone truly comfortable with themselves.