30 June 2009

The Benefits of Independence

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Gypsy Eyes

The Product: L'Oreal HIP High Intensity Pigments Kohl Eyeliner

The Claim: A loose-powder kohl liner that glides on velvety-smooth, in gorgeous, rich, shimmering shades.

The Results: Loose kohl eyeliner reminds me of gypsies with dark smokey eyes and sexy allure. Unfortunately, that doesn't describe me in any way. I found the long handled applicator difficult to maneuver when trying to make a straight line, creating an uneven line that was too thick. I looked like a teenager trying to be Goth...and that was before the liner began to smudge and flake off. The colors I tried, Gold and Navy, were gorgeous and I would have loved them as an eyeshadow, but as far as the kohl liner went, it was just a mess!

Jessica Simpson Hairstyle Photos

From sleek bob haircuts to long layered hairstyles, we applaud this Texan for always changing up her look

Jessica Simpson could be single handedly responsible for bringing back the blonde bombshell persona with her big golden hair, flirtatious style and whimsical attitude. While she's been known to be a bit clueless (and play that to her advantage), she sure can look smart on the red carpet. Jessica takes her hair seriously and we do too. See some of her hair hits here.

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29 June 2009

L'Oreal HIP Color Presso Lip Gloss

The Product: L'Oreal HIP High Intensity Pigments Color Presso Lip Gloss

The Claim: A fun, innovative way to create custom color...and your signature shade.

The Results: I tried the Trendy and Swanky colors, and I must say that they lived up to their names! These glosses consist of two separated tubes that can be mixed and matched to make your perfect color combination. It was easier for me, however, to either use the same amount of both, or just one of the colors. The blend of the colors was great, as were the individuals colors. Trendy, a mauve/light pink blend smelled delicious and gave a natural shimmer to my lips. Swanky, a bright pink/golden pink blend added a pop of color without being too overwhelming. The glosses are super-moisturizing, and I actually started using them instead of my regular chapstick--they worked that well!

27 June 2009

Quick Beach Waves

The Product: Ceramic 3-Barrel Jumbo Weaver

The Claim: This 3-Barrel Jumbo Waver creates beautiful waves in large sections of hair for a naturally wavy look. The ceramic coated barrels help hair to retain moisture for silky and shiny styles.

The Results: I still love the Remington Emi blow dryer for beach waves, but when I've overslept and don't have time to shower I turn to this curler for large "S" waves. Since my hair is naturally wavy, I just grab random 1" pieces and clamp the curler on the middle-to-end of the hair shaft. It's a quick and easy fix for beachy, beadhead waves.

Best Casual Updos for Summer

Flip flops, sundresses, self-tanner and these celebrity-inspired hairstyles -- gotta love the warm season

Summer is the perfect time to rock a sexy casual updo. It feels great to get hair up off the neck, and a casual updo says "confident" more than any other. Here are several celebrity-inspired looks to try.

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25 June 2009

ChapStick True Shimmer

The Product: ChapStick True Shimmer

The Claim: This season's latest addition to ChapStick lip balm, ChapStick True Shimmer, offers the moisturizing benefits of a lip balm with the added bonus of a subtle, radiat shine, providing just the right accent for your lips on any occasion.

The Results: These chapsticks really moisturized while adding a hint of shimmer and color. This is a great summer substitute for lipgloss; I only wish it came with SPF. The Botanical Berry and Tropical flavors are available now, and the Peppermint Rush and Fruit Sherbet will be available in August. Here's a breakdown of the flavors-

Botanical Berry--This flavor provided a soft pink shimmer, and smelled (and tasted) like strawberry candy. Yummy!

Tropical--I'm actually not the best judge for this flavor. Due to a night with too much Malibu rum (sorry mom) I can not longer stand the smell of coconut. However, if you like the coconut sunscreen smell, you'll love the Tropical flavor. It leaves a pretty pale gold shimmer on the lips.

Peppermint Rush--I love minty, fresh smells on lips, so I was very excited to try this one out. Plus, I was sure the blue with pale silver shimmer would make my teeth stand out and look whiter. Not so much. Instead, I looked like I had a case of hypothermia.

Fruit Sherbet--This one had a light guava flavor, and the purple tint was actually very flattering. This scent was the most subtle of the four, and probably my favorite.

Best and Worst Celebrity Signature Styles

From Angelina Jolie's cat eye to Anna Wintour's iconic bob -- see the looks we love and loathe

Establishing a signature style can be a great way to make a statement, but it can also turn into a rut. Look to these examples for clues on how long you should stick with your signature style and if it's really right for you.

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24 June 2009

So Sexy Hairspray Is So Yummy

I adore Victoria's Secret's So Sexy Natural Hold Hairspray. It's not the product itself that's amazing, though the hairspray works well enough for me, it's the scent. It's seriously like spraying perfume on your hair, with the added benefit of hold. It smells soooo good! When I walked into Victoria's Secret on Monday and they were having a sale on their So Sexy hair products, 3 for $24, I jumped at the chance to stock up for cheap. True, the salesgirl looked at my six bottles of hairspray like I was trying to bring the 80s back, buy what do I care? I'm going to be walking around town with delicious smelling hair!

23 June 2009

Benefit - New Lip Gloss

I prefer gloss that has a sponge tip instead of a brush, as this one does, because it's easier to apply without a mirror. Also, this gloss is not sticky at all, which I think is both good and bad. Good because you don't have to worry about your hair sticking to it, and bad because it doesn't last as long. Fortunately, the tube is so cute I don't mind having to whip it out more often to apply. My favorite shade is Fresh Squeezed--the perfect pink for summer!

Shades include:

• kiss you (clear fuchsia)
• fresh squeezed (pink grapefruit)
• i'm with the band (golden pink shimmer)
• friends in high places (sparkling raspberry)
• almost famous (copper penny)
• zone out (golden nude)
• who are you wearing? (passion fruit pink)
• life on the A list (first kiss pink)

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22 June 2009

Prescriptives 4-Piece Gift

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Most Gorgeous Celebrities Over 40

Can you believe Jennifer Aniston is 40?! Her and all of these ladies make 40-plus look like 30

They say 40 is the new 30. Whatever it is, all of these women make being in your 40s look amazing. Jennifer Aniston is new to the 40-plus club, but the rest of these women (Salma Hayek, Sarah Jessica Parker, Diane Lane, the list goes on...) show that she's in great company.

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17 June 2009


I'm sorry I haven't posted much lately, but thank you so much for all the emails that you've been sending. Everything is fine, I've just been extremely busy with work--the work that financially supports my beauty habit (and rent). I promise I'll start posting again next week--I have tons of new products to discuss. Thanks so much for continuing to read my blog and support me! xoxxlinds

13 June 2009

Pevonia Online Store

Pevonia Skincare has finally opened an online store. Launched in 1991, Pevonia has developed a devoted following. The eco-friendly line features natural formulations with organic extracts which are paraben-free, alcohol-free, Lanolin-free, Mineral Oil-free, PABA-free, and contain no artificial colors, no formaldehyde, and no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. In addition, the products are eco-packaged, non-comedogenic and cruelty-free. Receive free samples with every purchase, and free shipping with orders over $50.

12 June 2009

Best and Worst Celebrity Transformations

From Rihanna to Scarlett Johansson, see what hairstyle, makeup and body tweaks worked and which ones were major flops

From frumpy to fabulous or dazzling to dumpy, these celebrities set the example for how to transform your look -- for better or worse.

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11 June 2009

MaMa Mia, is this stuff good!

The Product: MaMa Lotion

The Claim: MaMa Lotion is the ultimate agent for those wanting clear, healthy skin. Its powerful formula is tough on wrinkles, acne, and scars, yet gentle on the skin. Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, fades acne scars, fights acne, and evens skin tone.

The Results: I have to admit I was a little put off at first by the name of this product. Mama lotion? Really? Turns out the MaMa stands for Mandelic and Malic Acid, which translates to 10% AHA. It's strong, so they recommend applying it every other day at first. After the first application I noticed my pimples dried up. After the second application, my skin was peeling and scaly and I was embarrassed to leave the house. After the third application, I woke up to amazingly smooth, clear skin. Hallelujah! In less than a week, my skin completely changed. After two weeks I noticed a more even tone to my skin. I can't vouch for any fading of acne scars, as that takes time, but this product is worth it for the pimple-drying effect alone. If it also fades my discoloration I am going to be one extremely happy camper. And, at $44.50, it's very reasonable for this type of product.

Side Note: I normally don't say things like "happy camper," but I just can't control my excitement over this product!

09 June 2009

BADgal Gift with Purchase

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I'm Not Ready For This Jelly

The Product: Royal Jelly Extract

The Claim: Pamper your skin with this concentrated liquid essence made from the nutrient-rich substance produced by honeybees. Rich in amino acids, including proline, lysine, and serine, this powerful age-defier helps boost collagen—skin’s major component for strength and support. Plus, a revolutionary extraction process allows the treatment to penetrate deeply, quickly, and thoroughly.

The Results: I am a HUGE fan of DHC products, but I must admit I was disappointed with this one. It wasn't bad, it just didn't do anything. I may as well have been rubbing water on my face. It didn't help the texture of my skin, or provide the 'glow' you know I always look for. Basically, it's an over-rated toner. Definitely not worth it.

08 June 2009

Top 10 Summer Beauty Must-Haves

Beauty products and tips for great beach hairstyles and glowing skin

New bathing suit? Check. Cute beach tote? Check. Glowing skin from head-to-toe? Ummmm... If you're not quite ready for the sand and swim season, check out this guide to look and feel your best all season long.

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The Wonderful Wonderbar

The Product: The Wonderbar facial cleanser

The Claim: Facial pores tighten, skin becomes much firmer, tighter, and smoother. A natural healthy pinkish radiance. Oily skin becomes less oily and dry skin less dry. Freckles and pigmentation lighten. Wrinkles become less visible. Sensitivities are lessened.

The Review: This product comes with a warning about a "healing crisis" that can include itching, dryness, peeling, or breakouts due to the release of toxins under the skin. I definitely had a "healing crisis," and it lasted a full week. A very long week with broken out skin. Just when I thought I couldn't take anymore, I awoke to smooth, clear skin. It made my skin unbelievable soft, and my complexion seemed a lot less blotchy than normal. However, I only tried a small sample bar so just when it really seemed to start working, it ran out. A week of skin detox followed by the beginning of amazing skin, only to be cut short. I was devastated. I want to try a full bar, but $40 seems kind of steep right now. Plus, I really don't want to go through the "healing crisis" again! What do you think? Should I just suck it up and buy it?

06 June 2009

Total Beauty Web Tour

The stars came out for the CoverGirl/MTV Movie Awards event at Byron & Tracey Salon, Beauty Junkies Unite was there!

It's 3 Custom Color Specialist Week on The Informed Makeup Maven who writes, interviews and reviews 3CCS.  Don't forget to enter IMM's MAC Pack and Diorshow giveaways, and follow IMM on Twitter.

eye4style has the scoop on Sienna Miller's totally gorgeous MTV Movie Awards hair! Get the how-to here.

Boutique Flair features makeup with wonderful waterproof magic.

Meilily is giving away an eyeQuatic waterproof summer makeup set from tarte!

Beauty Anonymous reviews La Mer The SPF30 UV Protecting Fluid.

Celebrate Shawn Johnson's win on Dancing with the Stars... click here to enter to win a makeup bag full of her favorite goodies over at Beauty in Real Life.

Beautè Noire discovered the perfect anti-oxidant and moisture-rich SPF body lotion for summer!

Beauty Banter gives you the EXCLUSIVE step-by-step with top celeb stylist for creating spring's hottest hair 'do: the messy ballerina bun. Includes images of each step!

Addicted to Lipstick shows us How to Depot MAC Eyeshadows and Make Your Own Eyeshadow Palette using a candle.

Image and Style News Dishes on the Hottest Makeup and Hairstyles at the 2009 Mtv Movie Awards.

Maria at Beauty Is Within highlights a natural skin care company that gives back to the community.

It's almost summer.... time to wear those fun and fearless nail shades...Barielle has a unique line of colors that will last all summer long--"Driven" is my fave! Time to choose yours!!.

Enter for a chance to win one of two Men's Essential Kits by The Skin by Monica Olsen over at The Makeup Divas, but hurry contest ends soon!

LA Pretty is giving away Redken's brand new overnight treatment to two lucky readers. Get the all the details here.

Monique at Beauty Girl Musings reviews Caudalie Premieres Vendages Moisturizing Cream, an antioxidant-rich moisturizer that works for all skin types!

Hot Beauty Health shows you several different hair style looks for summer and 10 Fab beauty brands for summer 2009.

Lipgloss Break has 2 great giveaways this week - Enter to win KISS Everlasting French Nail Kits and David Babaii WildAid Shampoo & Conditioner!

Butterflydiary gives you the rich, mysterious looks of YSL's Fall Palettealready!

Girl-Woman-Beauty-Brains-Blog reviews Prescriptives' NEW mineral makeup.

My Makeup Blog did a prom makeover for one reader!

04 June 2009

5 Worst Looks At The 2009 MTV Movie Awards

Here's my list of complete beauty mistakes from the MTV Movie Awards, in no particular order.

#1: Does Rumer Willis really think it's okay to roll out of bed, pull your hair into a messy ponytail, and then go walk the red carpet? Ugh!

#2: The usually fabulous Megan Fox was sporting a funky hairstyle that look like a slicked back mullet and too-orange foundation. What was she thinking?

#3: The first lipstick I ever wore was an unflattering shade of brick red that looked eerily similar to the one worn by Lauren Conrad. Did I mention I was 10 at the time? What's her excuse?

#4: Has Kristen Stewart ever heard of a brush? I have never seen her without her touseled, unkempt waves. It would be nice to see a sleeker style every once in a while.

#5: It's not the Audrina Patridge looks bad, she just looks so old--she looks like she's in her 40s!

Top Makeup Finds for $5 or Less

Save money with almost-free beauty products from your favorite brands

If your budget's not what it used to be, your makeup doesn't have to suffer. Take comfort in these consumer- and editor-approved, quality finds -- all available either online or at your local drugstore.

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02 June 2009

Placenta Hair Mask. Crazy, But True.

The Product: Hask Henna 'n' Placenta Dual-Action Pac

The Claim: Nature's most complete conditioning treatment. Strengthens and repairs dry, brittle, lifeless hair. An extra rich formula combining two of natures most complete hair conditioners - neutral henna and natural placenta. Together for the first time to quickly repair and strengthen dry, brittle, lifeless hair. And will not change hair color. The result is ravishingly beautiful hair with manageability you never before thought possible. Placenta extract, derived from animal placenta (Environmentally responsible formula), is combined with amino proteins to revitalize and protect every hairtype.

The Review: Just the thought of slathering my hair in placenta was enough to make me slightly nauseous, and more than a little skeptical. After shampooing my hair, I open the packet (the directions tell you to use the entire packet in one use) and started saturating my hair. There's a lot of product in the packet, so I sectioned off my hair and put them in buns. Then I covered it with a shower cap and let it sit for 20 minutes. After rinsing and styling, my hair has never been more manageable and frizz-free. It shocks me to say it, but my new go-to hair product is a $1.99 hair mask with 'Placenta' in the name. The next day I went to the drugstore and bought out the rest of the stock. You should probably go pick up a packet for yourself before I get to it...

16 Beauty Myths -- Busted!

We dug up the facts on everything from fighting cellulite to getting a "safe" tan

Beauty info gets passed through the generations but is some of it urban legend? See if you can determine what's myth and what's not.

Take the quiz

01 June 2009

Summer Shimmer

A warm, sunny day is no place for a face full of makeup. To compensate for my lack of coverage, I like to add shimmer. For instance, Stila's Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer helps hide a multitude of skin sins. The light reflecting particles conceal imperfections, and the SPF 15 helps prevent future damage; however, I don't think that SPF 15 is high enough in the summer, so I mix in an SPF 55 sunscreen.

I also say "buh, bye" to my matte bronzer, and use a sheer bronzer with a touch of shimmer. I like Cargo Bronzer in Light--it has Mica to add a soft shimmer, and Kaolin to absorb excess oil to decrease shine.

When using so much shimmer, I like to leave my lips more natural by using Stila's Shine Lip Color in Sarah. It's a sheer peach glaze with SPF 20 to help prevent chapped lips.

All items mentioned above can be purchased at Apothica. All Orders over $49 Receive Free Priority Shipping from Apothica.com

Top 5 at the MTV Movie Awards 2009

I have to admit that I was not overly impressed with the effort some stars put into their look at last night's MTV Movie Awards; however, there were five lovely ladies that really stood out from the rest.

#1: Paris Hilton finally pulled off a glamorous vintage look without appearing like an over-the-top cartoon character. I was very impressed. Let's hope she keeps this up!

#2: I have yet to see Leighton Meester look bad. She has amazing style and beautiful features, and her smokey eyes and bronze cheeks look great with her new highlights.

#3: Vanessa Hudgens usually has the same look--monochromatic skin and lips paired with smokey eyes. Somehow she always manages to keep it looking fresh and young. I love it, though I wouldn't mind seeing her try something new every now and again.

#4: Ashley Tisdale had never looked so beautiful. My jaw literally dropped when I saw her. She's not trying to hard, but still looks pulled together and chic. And how does she get her hair that shiny? I'm so jealous!

#5: I'm not a Sienna Miller fan, but she really hit this one out of the ballpark. Her understated look plays up her dewy skin, and the loose waves are the perfect compliment for her Southern California glamour.