25 June 2009

ChapStick True Shimmer

The Product: ChapStick True Shimmer

The Claim: This season's latest addition to ChapStick lip balm, ChapStick True Shimmer, offers the moisturizing benefits of a lip balm with the added bonus of a subtle, radiat shine, providing just the right accent for your lips on any occasion.

The Results: These chapsticks really moisturized while adding a hint of shimmer and color. This is a great summer substitute for lipgloss; I only wish it came with SPF. The Botanical Berry and Tropical flavors are available now, and the Peppermint Rush and Fruit Sherbet will be available in August. Here's a breakdown of the flavors-

Botanical Berry--This flavor provided a soft pink shimmer, and smelled (and tasted) like strawberry candy. Yummy!

Tropical--I'm actually not the best judge for this flavor. Due to a night with too much Malibu rum (sorry mom) I can not longer stand the smell of coconut. However, if you like the coconut sunscreen smell, you'll love the Tropical flavor. It leaves a pretty pale gold shimmer on the lips.

Peppermint Rush--I love minty, fresh smells on lips, so I was very excited to try this one out. Plus, I was sure the blue with pale silver shimmer would make my teeth stand out and look whiter. Not so much. Instead, I looked like I had a case of hypothermia.

Fruit Sherbet--This one had a light guava flavor, and the purple tint was actually very flattering. This scent was the most subtle of the four, and probably my favorite.

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