17 March 2009

LashFusion Lash Plump

A lesson that's been very hard for me to learn is that the most expensive products are not necessarily the best, they're just the...well...the most expensive. Take, for instance, Fusion Beauty LashFusion. The packaging sounds very scientific and convincing: "Protein nanospheres strengthen and protect lashes from the inside out, increasing moisture and elasticity while also shielding lashes with a protective buffer that defends against environmental aggressors such as pollutants, smoke, and UV light, as well as mechanical damages such as curling and pulling." For $39 I want full, thick lashes, but this mascara was clumpy and flaky. It never dried completely, so it would run whenever I would touch my eyes. There are much better mascaras for a lot less money. Save your money on this product.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the review. $39 for clump is absolutely ridiculous! Not going in my makeup bag!