12 March 2009

Do You Want to Look Like Lindsay Lohan?

Lindsay Lohan is coming out with her own line of self-tanners. Is anyone else as scared about this as I am? The notoriously orange-streaked starlet teamed up with tanning expert Lorit Simon to form her company, called Sevin Nyne. Why Sevin Nyne? It's misspelling of her favorite numbers (whatever).

The product's active ingredient is DHA, and the spray doesn't contain any chemicals. Other ingredients include caramel, Chardonnay extracts, gogi berry, and a sugar-coconut base. The color takes five hours to develop, and lasts for four to five days. Available April 15th on Sephora.com for $35. Will you try it?

Note: The company released a very cute (photo-shopped) picture of Lindsay to promote her line, but I think this photo better illustrates my point...Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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