22 October 2008

Best. Candle. Ever.

Tocca candles are the best candles you can buy. You can smell them even when they're not lit. I get a lot of compliments on how great my place always smells. My personal favorite is Montecristo, which immediately transports me to an exotic island with a gentle sea breeze. I love anything that smells like the ocean, and this reminds me of the sea with a slight hint of lush flowers. I have four of them in my small studio apartment; the entire place smells amazing. Not to mention the name, Montecristo, that makes me feel like I've stumbled upon an old pirate treasure. The only downside for me is the packaging. The candle itself is slightly boring, in clear glass with aqua accents. But, all in all, this is a keeper. If you're not wild about your house smelling like the sea, they have tons more scents to try--some of them ever have a matching perfume and lotion. Highly, highly recommended.

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