30 October 2008

Oxygen Face Mask--lifesaver or gimmick?

I was so excited when I got Bliss' Triple Oxygen Energizing Mask; touted to deliver pure oxygen to energize the skin, I couldn't wait to try it. I immediately loved that you rub on a gel and after a few minutes it turns to foam. I could feel the bubbles popping and tingling on my skin, so I knew it had to be working--I couldn't wait to see my new, revitalized skin. After five minutes, I washed it off...and didn't notice a thing. I was completely distraught--this mask is the top selling mask in the US--it has to work!!! I've continued to use it twice a week for almost a year, but I still don't see a difference when I use it. How could I resist the fun foaming effect? I just don't understand how can so many people rave about this. I don't hate it, I'm just ambivalent about it. If you've tried it and love it, please let me know--maybe I'm doing something wrong...

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