20 October 2008

Branding Myself

Now that I have a blog, I feel the need to have some sort of a logo, or signature. I imagine people seeing this image and immediately recognizing that it's me--like the Nike swoosh. But what shall it be? It needs to be something that reflects who I am, and who I strive to be. At first I was thinking a bow, but I wouldn't want anyone thinking that I'm copying Anya Hindmarch. A crown is cute, but too Shabby Chic--I'm hardly Rachel Ashwell. A bumble bee would be adorable, but that's a little overplayed...I can't believe I'm giving this so much thought!

Finally, I'm deciding on a peacock. Preferably with a long flowing tail. It's perfect. It's regal, classic, and reminds me of something Grace Kelly might have had on her stationary. Now, I just need to find the right peacock. This may take awhile...

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