20 November 2008

Longer Lashes for (Slightly) Less

In my never-ending hunt for amazing lashes, I've tried close to a dozen products claiming to grow lashes longer. A few of them worked (at $150 for a 6 week supply), but most of them didn't. Then I received a sample of DermaLash by DermaQuest. Though still pricey at $85, it lasts over 3 months and has made a huge difference in my eyelashes. I even had someone ask if I got lash extensions! I apply this nightly on my lashes like a would a liquid eyeliner. It took about 6 weeks, but I woke up one morning and realized that my lashes were significantly longer. Now I use it once every few days to make the tube last longer--I never knew my lashes could even get this long!

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