21 November 2008

Hair Color Drops

I used to go into the salon every month for a glaze. I like the added shine and the color boost it gives my hair. When John Freida added the color glaze to their line I stopped going to the salon, and started using this glaze several times a week in Sheer Blonde to stretch out the time between my highlighting appointments. The glaze really increased the shine, but the color didn't make much of a difference.

Now, however, I'm using Ken Paves Healthy Hair Color Drops, and it's amazing! To use, add several drops of the concentrated color to your normal conditioner and then leave it on your hair for a few minutes. By being able to control how many drops you put in, you can really personalize the amount of color that is deposited in your hair. I'm using Beige, but it also comes in Red, Brown, Platinum, Honey, and Black. I definitely notice less of a line between my highlights and my natural color. The drawback: the first time I used it my roots looked oily, but now I scrub a little at my scalp to get rid of the film the color leaves, and it works great.

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