18 May 2009

Mattify, Moisturize, and Tone in One Step

The Product: bliss steep clean toner pads

The Claim: T-zone shine is thing of the past with our toner pads! Perfect for oily and combination skin to reduce mid-day shine without leaving your cheeks peeling or parched. With salicylic acid, smartsponge technology (self activating oil-control spheres), and dead cell digesting enzymes. Don't 'face' the day without them. Decongests pores and reduces inflammation, gently exfoliates to prevent breakouts, hydrates the skin to restore moisture balance, controls oil where needed without drying.

The Review: This is an easy, convenient way to get rid of any remaining debris after cleansing. They're especially good after waxing--no more ingrown hairs for me. I use these after I work out and I've noticed I don't break out as much as I used to. They're perfect to throw in your gym bag and go!

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