16 May 2009

Bambi Lashes

The Product: Shiseido Lasting Lift Mascara in Black

The Claim: Provides maximum lift and weightless volume to lashes for hours. Waterproof. Smudgeproof. Gives lustrous dimensional color with Full Saturated Color Powder. Contains Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE, a lasting moisturizer.

The Results: After applying this mascara, my lashes looked naturally full and long. It increased the curl in my lashes, which made my eyes look huge (a miracle in itself). I went to the mall and was actually asked if I had lash extensions. I couldn't believe it! Me? The girl with short, stumpy lashes? Obviously this was about the best day EVER! The curl lasted all day, and I spent way too long checking out my awesome lashes in the rear view mirror while driving. When I got home I used my regular makeup remover and face wash...and the mascara was still there. I had to practically bathe my lashes in the makeup remover, and then scrub them--I'm pretty sure I pulled out some lashes with the amount of scrubbing I did. It occurred to me that if it was always this difficult to remove, I would be in short supply of lashes very soon. You would think that the threat of lashless eyes would dissuade me from using the mascara again: no way! The doe-eyed look from this mascara was too much for me to resist, and I continue to use it daily. It's sooo worth it! (I've learned to press a cotton ball soaked with makeup remover on my lashes for about 30 seconds to take it off)

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