11 May 2009

Be fine Gentle Cleanser

The Product: Be fine Gentle Cleanser with Sugar, Mint, Oats & Rice

The Claim: Gentle Cleanser is a naturally moisturizing formula that uses food ingredients to rejuvenate skin tone, fight aging, invigorate, and refresh your skin. Sugar removes impurities of daily stress, revealing radiant skin. Mint stimulates circulation, reviving both your senses and skin tone. Oats and rich work together, feeding vitamins A, E and F for vital replenishment.

The Review: This cleanser actually smells like fresh mint, not the sickeningly sweet mint scent used in some products, making it perfect for early morning use. After using my skin is not too oily, not too dry, but just right. It's extremely gentle, and leaves my skin feeling refreshed, without any residue. Also, I love that it has a pump. When I don't have a pump I tend to use too much and go through the products too fast. The Be fine Gentle Cleanser distributes the perfect amount each time, and the slim bottle is nice for travelling.

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