12 May 2009

Hostess with the Mostest

Hostess gifts are hard. I don't want to get them any home decor in case they hate it, and I don't like bringing candles unless I know ahead of time what their favorite scent is. My solution: Rain Africa Scented Stones. They are handmade, decorated and scented stones pressed out of natural clay. The gracious hostess can toss a few of these African scented stones in their linen drawer or any other area they would like to refresh or fragrance. The stones should be refreshed periodically with a few drops of their favorite essential oil. Plus, they're already packaged so beautifully that you don't need to wrap them. In addition, Rain products are handmade by villagers in South Africa using environmentally-friendly practices, local ingredients and providing vital and ethical employment for the community.


  1. That's a great hostess gift! I usally just bring wine..

  2. I just found you on alerts - what a lovely blog you have here! I will read along with you - I am also a beauty bottlista.