26 May 2009

Can a Scent Be Both Sexy and Girly at the Same Time?

I was out of town last week and left my body wash at home. My friend M was kind enough to let me use hers, a cute little bottle called Thymes Red Cherie Body Wash. After showering and getting dressed I noticed a faint, wonderful scent following me around. Red Cherie is one of those scents that you can't quite tell exactly what it is, a scent that has you leaning closer to get another whiff. It's mysterious and musky, but still flowery and girly at the same time. This unusual scent is a mix of sparkling pomegranate, ripe cherries, passion flower, a twist of lychee with a tease of fruity musk. I dare you to use it and resist the temptation to sniff yourself all day!

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