09 February 2009

Customer Service Is Alive And Well

A quick story about the highlight of my weekend: I was going to throw my Zeno away (I just couldn't stand looking at it after such a bad experience), but a friend of mine told me I could return it to Sephora even though I had used it. Skeptical, I printed out the online receipt from when I bought it last summer and took it into the store. No questions asked, they gave me a full refund. I couldn't believe it; talk about amazing customer service! I already loved Sephora, but this just reinforced my near-obsession with this company. Thank you, Sephora!

In related news, this could end up being a bad discovery because now I'm not going to be afraid to 'buy and try' new products.

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  1. I hear sephora is going to be inside JC Penny's.