09 February 2009

MAC Brunette Blonde Redhead

Almost a year ago I got this crazy idea that if I dyed my hair black I would look like Angelina Jolie (I told you it was crazy). It didn't work. Unfortunately, I couldn't dye my hair back to blonde right away because my hair was so damaged--it was a looooooong four months. During that time, I had to get all new makeup to complement my new hair color. I have always put more stock in skin tone over hair color, but the makeup I used as a blonde was washing me out with my dark hair. I soon realized that I had to use a heavier hand with makeup and apply darker colors than I previously did. The geniuses at MAC must have realized this too, because they have come out with a Brunette, Blonde, Redhead collection that plays up your hair color. Simple idea, amazing results!

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