04 February 2009

Less Frizz for 6 Weeks

I'm really tempted to try Liquid Keratin's 30-day starter kit. It claims to remove curl frizz and, to be quite honest, I'm completely sold on this brand just by looking at their website. Their tagline: "Defy your DNA." Am I just getting sucked in by the sleek packaging and scientific-sounding tagline? I'm such a sucker for marketing ploys. In fact, I could sleep the other night and was thisclose to buying a sham-wow on tv. True story.

But I digress...the company claims this product is "the first safe, at home alternative to expensive salon treatments." It supposedly last up to 6 weeks. If I straightened my hair I would definitely give this a try; the only thing holding me back is that I don't want it to ruin my natural curl when my hair starts growing in. What if I had half straight/half curly hair? Then I'd have to chop my hair off and you'd never hear the end of my whining. Will someone please try this and let me know what you think?

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