03 February 2009

A Rant--Jessica Simpson

So, this is completely off topic, but I'm taking the attacks on Jessica Simpson personally. She is a beautiful girl; who cares if she's now a size 2 instead of a 0?!?! It really bothers me that this is the cover of magazines and is talked about on CNN. How is this real news? It makes me sad that women are held up to such high standards of outward perfection. I've met many girls who appear perfect, but are ugly in the ways that count.

I felt the need to post this because, even though I promote beauty products to improve appearance, the most effective way to be beautiful is to have self confidence and a big smile. True happiness is the best beauty booster of all!

Thank you for putting up with my rant; and now back to our regular programming... :)

Photo: Splash News

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