01 September 2009

Collagen For...Your Lashes?

The Product: L'Oreal Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara in Black

The Claim: This Extra Volume Mascara by L'Oreal contains Hydra Collagen which creates up to 12x more volume with no clumps, extra volume brush is twice as thick as traditional brushes. Infused with a complex of collagen and Hyaluronic spheres, clings to lashes and expands to provide lash magnification.

The Results: If you like the DiorShow mascara, you will love this one. It is extremely similar, and at $7.95, what do you have to lose? It adds tons of volume, yet still leaves lashes looking natural. As you know from my previous posts, I don't necessarily think 'natural' is a good thing when it comes to lashes, at least for myself. I like thick, dramatic, almost spidery lashes (I know, it's not for everyone). However, this mascara does what it claims it will--leaves you with lush lashes. It didn't flake, but I did notice that my lashes weren't as full by the end of the day, and the curl had gone out of them. My lashes didn't have the normal stiffness I associate with mascara, possibly due to the collagen. All in all, it's ideal for anyone that wants fullness at a drugstore price.

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