04 September 2009

The Acne Saga Continues...

Between the acne and the acne scars, it's hard to decide what to work on first. I decided to start with my acne and deal with the rest later. My dermatologist prescribed my a stronger prescription for my face, and recommended that I use extremely gentle cleansers and creams.

Never one to sit around and wait for my face to clear up, I decided to take a more offensive stance and purchased the Patricia Wexler Acnescription Anti-Acne Starting Kit from Bath and Body Works, which includes a cleanser, serum, moisturizer, and spot treatment. I know you're not supposed to use and exfoliator when you have acne, but I have always chosen to ignore this advice. The Exfoliating Cleanser in this kit is amazing, and has really helped get rid of the dead skin left from previous pimple creams. The texure is that of a light exfoliator, so I only use it at night (still use the Clarisonic in the morning with a gentle cleanser). The Anti-Aging Serum is also great, and I am now using it in place of moisturizer at night.

The Oil-Free Hydrator is just terrible. I swear it made my face greasier, and my concealer slid off when applied over it. Yuck. Not a fan at all! The last item, the Spot Treatment, is great, but not as a spot treatment. I found that it didn't dry on my skin, and would roll of when I went to bed, so I've been using it as a face mask on my trouble areas (fyi, trouble area = entire bottom half of my face).

I've noticed an improvement in my skin which I think is primarily due to the prescription, but is enhanced by the Wexler cleanser and serum. I'll keep you updated on the 'facial developments', but hopefully I'm on my way to a cure. Does anyone out there have any other acne products I should try?

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