12 August 2009

Breakout Central

About six weeks ago my normally oily skin decided to completely break out. I went from an occasional breakout to a 'beard' of acne--terrible cyst-like pimples on my chin and around my mouth. Having a bad hair day or an embarrassing sunburn is nothing compared to the distress I've felt at my face; it has completely destroyed my self confidence. On top of the acne, my lips are terribly chapped and peeling. I'm truly at a loss on how to handle this. I've tried a lot of products, but this acne seems to be more of an internal issue that my body won't let me get rid of. I haven't even wanted to leave the house, let alone post comments on beauty products. It took me almost a week to motivate myself to write this post.
If you've never had bad acne I'm sure this will seem very dramatic; I've always had pretty good skin and before this I would have scoffed at anyone that wouldn't want to leave the house because of their skin. It would have seemed ridiculous. But now I know better. I'll keep you updated on skin situation, but for the near future there won't be many posts on skincare products.
I have tried some great hair products lately, so stay tuned for those reviews!


  1. Hey Linds,
    have you changed your diet lately? It is probably the cause of your breakouts...

    Eat right for your blood type is a great book to see what you are allergic to, if anything.
    Check it out!

  2. I haven't changed my diet, or done anything different. I even tried changing my laundry detergent in case that was the problem, but nothing helps. I'll definitely look into that book. Thanks for the tip!