20 January 2009

A Massage for your Valentine

I get really excited around Valentine's Day because everything comes out in pink, so be prepared for a lot of girly pink items in the next few weeks. First up: Booty Parlor's Don't Stop Massage Candle. What a cute idea for Valentine's Day! A cute pink and black bow tie around the white glass holder with pour spout. The blend of natural soy wax, vitamins A & E, jojoba, olive and coconut oils soften the skin. A 46 hour burn time ensures that you have plenty of time to enjoy the candle and the massage.

To use: let wick burn until the entire surface of the candle has liquefied into a perfect pool of massage oil. Blow out the flame and use the pour spout to drizzle the warm wax onto bare skin. Massage and enjoy!

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